TimeTrek Code of Conduct


THE ACTIVITY OF DECODING OBSCURED CLUES IN ONE WEBPAGE AND MOVING ON TO THE NEXT (THE COMPETITION OR COMPETITION) IS OPEN TO ANYONE INTERESTED. This competition asks players to find clues that are obscured by any means in the published or other webpages to find the last step or the PRIZE.

Participation of this activity means solving the quizzes or visiting these given pages. If you participate it is assumed that you have read and undrstood the terms here and agreed with them.


Data Policy

Your behavior inside this site and it's pages will be tracked, analyzed and be used for ticket verification and any other purpose seen fit by GDG Sri Lanka.

Your session information will be tracked, stored and processed using Cookies and any other method necessary.

Information you provide; email address, name and any other properties will be stored in our database and be used to lay out clues as well as any other purpose seen fit by GDG Sri Lanka.

Rules and Regulations

You are free to use, solve and analyze these clues. Source of this webpage is live at CodeLanka and Tharaka's personal github project

This is the intellectual property of the organizers of GDG and GDG Sri Lanka. Please link to the github projects if you are reproducing the source. There will be no other royalties associated with the code. You are free to use, alter and upload